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Flood or Water Damage
There are many different kinds of flood damage that can occur; floods from overflowing rivers and levies, floods from burst pipes, backed up sewers or septic tanks, and flash floods from excessive rain.  Although all types of floods can be devastating, the most difficult to clean and treat are floods were dirt and waste are present in the water.  These  types of floods become situations where simply removing the water is not enough and further measures must be taken to clean and sanitize the areas affected. Areas that have been flooded must be thoroughly dried and often times building materials such as flooring, and drywall must be removed and replaced.  The actual water damage manifests itself as crumbling drywall, warped wood flooring/subfloor/cabinets/trim, mold or mildew in carpet, and shorted electrical circuits.  We use the best drying and cleaning technology with all commercial drying equipment. Our entire team is  certified in water damage restoration and posses the skills to repair all areas that have been damaged from start to finish.

I have water damage, WHAT DO I DO NEXT?

  • Shut off main water supply if possible.
  • Shut off electricity if possible.
  • Open windows and doors to vent humidity.
  • Move furniture and valuable contents to dry area and cover with linens.
  • Place foam or wood blocks under legs of furniture to protect from water.
  • Contact your insurance company right away to begin working on your claim.  Do not wait to contact your insurer as many times they have time restrictions on secondary damage coverage.  For example, if you wait a few days after water damage occurs, it is not uncommon for mold/mildew remediation to NOT be covered because the issue arose from not handling the original damage in a timely fashion.