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Mold and Mildew
If musty or moldy odors are present in your home you may have an issue with mold or mildew.  Mold and mildew typically grow in areas where moisture is present.  Leaky pipes, high humidity, compromised stucco/siding, or leaky roofs are the most common culprits.  If you have an area in your home that has been exposed to moisture for an extended amount of time, and the area smells musty, you probably have mold.  There are different types of mold, some can be dangerous to humans and animals.  Depending on the stage of growth, you may, or may not be able to see the mold.  Mold spores travel through the air and can cause respiratory problems as well as other medical conditions.  The spores travel readily through air ducts and vents, and many times can affect people who are unknowingly exposed to the spores. If you smell a musty odor check areas around pipes and fixtures for puddling and water stains. Inspect around home or building for excess water or moisture. If you believe you may have a mold problem do not wait to give us a call. We use the best cleaning technology and commercial equipment and employ preventive measures to take to control of the spread of mold. All of our technicians are certified by IICRC in mold remediation

I have mold and/or mildew, WHAT DO I DO NEXT?

  • Crack windows and doors if the moisture buildup is coming from within you home.
  • Do not disturb the mold as it easily becomes airborne.
  • Avoid exposure in the area.
  • Turn off air conditioning, and fans to minimize the amount of mold that may become airborne and to ensure that the spore do not travel to other parts of your home.