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Smoke is a collection of solid and liquid particles that become airborne during combustion.  Sometimes smoke damage can be just as costly to repair as fire damage because the particles can travel through your entire home and land on any surface.  Upholstery, carpets, unsealed wood, and electronics are most susceptible to smoke damage because the microscopic particles embed themselves in fibers, or are attracted to charged metal inside of TVs, computers, and other electronics and can cause irreparable damage inside the units themselves. Depending on the substances that are burning, the smoke  itself can be easy or difficult to clean.  Waxy, and oil particles from a kitchen fire are the hardest to clean, and require extra attention and stronger solvents.  Our entire team is certified by IICRC in smoke damage restoration and we use the best cleaning technology with all commercial grade cleaning equipment.  We tailor our process, products, and methods to meet you specific needs.

I have smoke damage, WHAT DO I DO NEXT?

  • Limit movement in affected area so soot does not come air born.
  • Turn off computers and cover up electrical devices to protect them from the soot.
  • Keep hands clean and try not to touch walls and furniture.
  • Place towels or old linens down on traffic areas to keep soot down.
  • Wipe off all metal fixtures such as door knobs faucets.
  • If you are exposing yourself to soot and smoke, be sure to protect yourself with a mask and latex gloves.
  • Contact your insurance company right away to begin working on your claim.